I have tried to get photographs of this exciting project for the church from time to time, though it hasn't been easy! It's exciting to be able to witness a 'part of history' as All Saints looks forward to a new era, with a lovely functional new space for all sorts of activities.
The building project has been complex to say the least, with over 341 human remains being excavated by archaeologists (who had expected to find a mere 20-30!) These were respectfully relocated into Church Lane Cemetery following a lovely service on 5th April 2014, photographs of which appear in this gallery.
NB There are much more detailed photographic records of the Barber Rooms build by Ian Campbell on his 'Faringdon Photography' website if you are interested in tracking the progress.
June '13June '13Barber Rooms Ball, September 201320130928-DSC_6968Tess and Nicky9th March '149th March '149th March '149th March '149th March '149th March '14Peter Foot, Marmalade man!From gloom to bloom!Loaded up...Final Resting Place5th April '14